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Competition: Awards2006

A Curious extraterrestrial gets a surprise after he experiments trying to figure out what a brown mushy substance is after his sporty spaceship crashes on Earth. Is it Sunscreen? Is it Hair Gel? Is it toothpaste?
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Competition: aniBoom Awards 2006

Nothing is more desirable to a vampire than to be able to walk during daylight, and when Don Joaquin finds a way to accomplish that, he lets his good friend, Missterr Drackula, in on the little secret. Watch as homeboy Drackula finds the surprise of his life, or death, umm afterlife?
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Competition: aniBoom Awards 2007

It Sucks 2 Be U, the Halloween Episode. Frankee has got the runs, and Mummee has a crappy dressing style. Mummee will find out just what happens when you are the worst dressed person found in a bathroom.
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4Eyes bought a couple of roses for a young lady that stole his heart, but she doesn't quite feel the same about him. Something much bigger is in store for young 4Eyes.
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Competition: aniBoom Eyedoll

4Eyes auditions to become the first Aniboom Eyedoll, because he believes he's got the looks, and mad skillz. This is what he had to say: YO wuttz crakin' my fellas. Fo Eyes hurr, I'm gunna take ovah dis hurr. Be sho 2 vote fo me, I still have to pay fo the bling bling ya'll see in da videe-o.
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