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Animator James Lee, creator of winning entry POPSTAR started out using the school computer in 8th grade to animate stickmen floating across a computer screen. Soon it was on to Flash, and then art college where he began honing his craft. Says Lee, “I think I chose animation over other artistic media because it gave me the most freedom to communicate the images in my head, plus I find it the most enjoyable and rewarding.” Together with singer/partner Hania, James set out to create a light-hearted song that depicted the shallow world of celebrity pop stars, not intending to make a statement, just something, “short and fun, with a simple message that might reside in the audience after the film had finished”. They started with a “very tall, semi-realistic figure” but quickly scrapped that idea and decided on a more “basic, relatable character”, one that the audience would sympathize with. The pair strove to create a harmonious relationship between the visual and the auditory, often reciting lyrics along with the movie. Using a “very rough animatic” they created a timeline, able to gauge how far long they were in the schedule. The biggest challenge being time and the balancing of other commitments, Popstar was completed within a month, logging approximately 80 hours of solid work. Way to go James and Hania!
Check out more of Lee’s work at:

As our EyeDoll winner, James can choose between two great prizes: a trip to LA to meet with a Hollywood Agent, or a production deal with Aniboom for his own web series!

BEATNIK’s creator started out as an 8 year old, doing close to a hundred drawings of “Garfield” (Didn’t all of us try to draw Garfield as kids?) and then slowly moving towards his own style (as Sloan puts it, “unbelievably ugly cartoon cats”). At 13 he was taking cartooning classes with Greg Hyland of the indy comic Lethargic Comics Weakly and asking, “How do I grow up to be an animator?” “…animation gets under your skin. It's my career and my hobby. It's all you want to do….”

Seeing an opportunity in Aniboom EyeDoll to utilize a character he had been toying with, a bohemian hipster named Parenthesis Humor, Sloan got to work, inspired both by the desire to “animate a cute girl” and the subject matter of the song, “Beatnik”. He’s a working man at an animation studio in Ottawa, Ontario (Canada) so it took him a month to create the short, using Alias Sketchbook Pro and Toon Boom Studio. Says Sloan, “Getting a cut-out character to move in an un-flashy manner is always a challenge, and Parenthesis was a more complicated character than I'm used to using in my personal projects. All in all I'm happy with the way it turned out, and every comment about how cute the girl in my video is makes me proud.”

Check out more of Stephens’s work at:
Cesar has been animating since he was 22. Says Barrangou, “I think animation is a very powerful medium to express oneself, is visually attractive and facilitates the realization process of certain ideas.” Currently creating a short movie called “Los Living Dead”, homage to zombie cinema, who knew Cesar would create an Aniboom EyeDoll entry? In a fun cut-out style, DON'T LIKE A FUR CHIN features a woman who sings of her dislike for unshaven men. “She’s very clumsy and sings without looking at who’s watching her, but despite that she manages to leave her public with a dropped jaw.”

To create the music video, Barrangou first took pictures of the actress doing the various facial expressions. Then they were cut out and some parts were selected. Color correction was done for aesthetic unity and then they composed the character. It took a total of three weeks to complete the project – one week for pre-production (actress selection, costume design and photography) and two weeks for animation/editing. Cesar thanks those who participated and collaborated with him on the project: A.Ramos Madero, A.Co, B. Schneider, M. Ramos Madero & A. Vidal.

Check out Cesar’s blog at:

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hey everyone watch sunset on the beach it's a must see!!!! original flick
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how can you make eyedolls? James Lee? Cesar Stephens?
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how do u make cartoons?? message me back plz anyone?
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What does Eyedoll mean? A eyeball mixed with a doll?
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how can i sing in this thing
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Thank you all animators for you hard work. I am enjoying watching the animated videos, and choosing the very classic animated ones. Alicia Villarreal Artist/Musician
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