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FOX-Aniboom Holiday Animation Challenge


1. This is the "Holiday" Challenge? But what holidays do you mean? And what's an "official US holiday"?

The United States government officially recognizes these holidays: New Year's Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, President's Day, Memorial Day, Independence (July 4th), Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day. There's also those happy little holidays like Halloween, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc. That said, this contest will also include any other major religious holidays, like Hanukah, Ramadan, Kwanza, Easter, Diwali, etc.-if it's a real holiday that brings people together, let's see your take on it!

2. What is a "development agreement"? And will I receive money?

A "development agreement" or "development deal" is an agreement in which you sign on to further develop your submission or create other animations and stories. In other words, you'll get paid to do what you love.

3. May two or more people work together to submit a Fox-Aniboom Animation Challenge animation?

Yes, but only one person per submission is eligible to win the Grand Prize and the development agreement that goes along with it.

4. What if I don't want my animation to be shown on TV or released on DVD or edited in any way whatsoever. What do I do then?

In that case, you should not enter this contest.

5. Who owns my animation after I submit it into the Fox-Aniboom Holiday Challenge?

You do! When you enter your animation, you are only agreeing to allow Fox and Aniboom to have certain exclusive rights to your submission as set forth in the Official Rules and Submission Agreement during the Contest term.

6. Why do I need a nickname?

Fox would like each Holiday Animation to be judged on its own merits and not judged based on work you may have previously posted on Aniboom. This means that those folks with a smaller portfolio of animations don't have to worry about being judged against folks with bigger portfolios and years of published animations. So, in addition to having an Aniboom account username, for this contest you are also asked to create a "nickname" before submitting your animation. Your account username and your "nickname" may be anything you'd like them to be but they cannot be the same and cannot be your pre-existing Aniboom ID. In the rules it is suggested that you avoid using your full legal name and choose a name that protects your privacy. Make sure the account username; nickname and pre-existing Aniboom ID are not the same.

7. I already have an Aniboom account, will my Fox-Aniboom Holiday Animation submission be posted on my Aniboom portfolio?

Yes, 90 days after the contest is over Aniboom will link your Fox/Aniboom Holiday Animation Challenge to your regular Aniboom portfolio.

8. Why am I being asked if I am able to work for Fox in the United States?

That's where the Fox Animation Headquarters are. It is not guaranteed that you will have to travel to the United States, but if Fox wants you to work with the big shots, then we have to know that you'll be able to work there.

9. Where do I get music and voices for my animation?

To be eligible to win, everything-music, voices, animation, imagination-must be created by you, or created by people who have given you ownership of the music, voice recordings, characters, and anything else featured in the animation. Do not use any copyrighted material, like a song from a CD, or use any copyrighted characters that you do not have the rights to. Just so we're clear: Do not show or even mention any copyrighted material in your voice-over or within your animation. Fox likes you and wants your best original stuff!

10. Can I put live-action video in my animation?

Nope-If we didn't love animation so darn much, we'd have called it the Fox-Aniboom Holiday Animation Mixed-With-Live-Action-Video Challenge, not the Fox-Aniboom Holiday Animation Challenge! We're sure your Aunt looks like a cartoon character, but please only send us your animated creations!

11. Can I show a character wearing brand name clothing in my video?

No. Some brands might not take your homage as a compliment. So just don"t use any third party brands. Not even the tiniest bit.

12. Why only English language in the animation?

Fox only broadcasts English-speaking programs in the United States so if there is language (which isn't required), please use English.

13. When can I submit my work?

The "Submission Period" runs from 12:01am PT May 27, 2009 through 11:59pm PT August 31, 2009.

14. So then what and when is the "Rating Period'?

The "Rating Period" runs from 12:01am PT September 1, 2009 through 11:59pm PT September 30, 2009. That's when no more animations can be submitted. During this time, the votes, comments and views will really count!

15. But wait-I uploaded my animation and although we're still in the "Submission Period," people are already watching and commenting on it. Does this count in the "Rating Period"?

Nope. While people can see and comment on your work before the "Rating Period" begins, all view counts received before September 1, 2009 will be deleted and reset to zero. It is only during the "Rating Period" when ratings on your animation will count towards the contest.

16. So then what and when is the "Judging Period"?

The "Judging Period", running from September 1, 2009 through September 30, 2009, is where our blue-ribbon panel of animation executives scour your submissions and select their favorite four. Paired with one community choice, at the end of the Judging and Rating periods we'll have our prospective final five.

17. And real quick, what exactly is the "Contract Period"?

From October 1, 2009 through November 1, 2009, right after the Judging and Rating periods, we get to finally talk to you-this is the "Contract Period". This means it's extremely important that you've entered the contest with extra-clear and totally correct contact info. Because if we contact you, we will send you paperwork you'll need to put you in the running for the Grand Prize. But we cannot stress it enough: correct submission info is a huge must-if we can't reach you, we can't reward you!

18. Do I really need to READ, UNDERSTAND and ACCEPT the "Official Rules" and the "Submission Agreement"?

Yes, these documents contain important information about your rights and obligations in the contest. Everyone must accept them to enter. And once you have... Good luck!