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Aniboom Marvel Motion Comics Competition


1. Where do I find the audio and visual content I need for my motion comic book?

You can find them here.

2. Am I only allowed to use the visual and audio content that is provided on Marvel Motion Comics Competition page for my submission?

Yes, you can only use the audio and visual assets we provide to qualify in this competition. It's your job to make it come to life in the coolest ways imaginable.

3. Can I put anything not provided by Marvel for this competition in my motion comic?

Nope-your motion comic is strictly comprised of the audio and visual content provided by Marvel and Aniboom. No outside graphics or audio not provided by Marvel and Aniboom is allowed in any submission to this competition.

4. What about another Marvel character that doesn't appear in the comic I pick for the Marvel Motion Comics Competition?

No. You may only use the images in and audio content provided for the comic you've chosen to work from. Remember, Marvel's looking to see how you can make a top comic book into a top Motion Comic Book.

5. What is the Grand Prize?

The Grand Prize is $10,000 in cash, your work featured on

6. Who owns my motion comic after I submit it into Aniboom's Marvel Motion Comics Competition?

You do not have the rights to the characters, or graphical and audio content provided by Marvel. When you enter your motion comic, you are agreeing to allow Marvel and Aniboom to have certain exclusive rights to your submission set forth in the Official Rules and Submission Agreement. Remember, Marvel owns all the materials you are using in your motion comic, so you do not own any commercial rights to your submission.

7. What tools can you recommend I use to make a Motion Comic?

The ways to make a Motion Comic are infinite, but to help you with some freeware tips, we can recommend some studio software like VirtualDub, Pencil Software, iMovie, or SmashMash.
There are also software solutions that you have to pay for like Toon Boom Studio, Adobe After Effects, or Adobe Photoshop, as well as many others.
You can also check the forum. for advice on what software other animators are using, and to give your own advice as well.

8. What if I'm a finalist and accept a cash prize-do Marvel and Aniboom have total ownership over it?

Yes, in that case, by accepting production money from Marvel, you sell them all rights to use your motion comic.

9. When can I submit my work? And how can I qualify for the Grand Prize?

The first stage when you submit your work runs from August 24, 2009 through November 2, 2009-this is when you send us the first seven pages of your Motion Comic. From the Stage 1 entries, a panel of judges from Marvel will select four Finalists. Voters from Aniboom will select a fifth, and these Five Finalists will receive $2,000 to help them finish their Motion Comics. However, if you're not a finalist, you still could qualify for the Grand Prize. Starting October 19, 2009 through November 2, 2009, you can enter a complete motion comic-where all the pages are fully set in motion to audio-to become a Wildcard Finalist. Then, the Five Finalists and one or two Wildcard Finalists get submitted to the Judges Panel for the Grand Prize.

10. What exactly is the Wildcard Finalist and when is the winner announced?

The Wildcard Finalist is an opportunity for those who aren't selected in as one of the Five Finalists to be considered for the Grand Prize. On or around November 2, 2009, at the end of the second stage of the competition, Aniboom and Marvel will announce the Wildcard Finalist, who will be placed in contention with them to win the Grand Prize.

11. Does the Wildcard Finalist win any money to complete their Motion Comic?

No, but he or she is one of just six or seven Finalists who have the opportunity to win the Grand Prize of $10,000 and to see their work debuted on

12. Am I only allowed one entry in Aniboom's Marvel Motion Comics Competition?

Nope-you may enter submissions of both comic book options supplied in Aniboom's Marvel Motion Comics Competition, but only one per entrant will qualify for a Finalist position.

13. Do I need a special software to make a Motion Comic Book with the assets provided by Marvel and Aniboom?

No. We're looking to see how you imagine bringing a comic book to life, so it's up to you to figure out how you'll do so. Whether you use free software or custom software, take stop motion images of the pages, or just cut out the characters and mount them on popsicle sticks, the choice is up to you!