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Aniboom Marvel Motion Comics Competition

Bring Motion to Your Favorite Marvel Super Heroes and Make Marvel Comics Come to Life!

Marvel is teaming up with Aniboom to give you the chance to transform some of their greatest stories into Motion Comics and propel the comic book experience into uncharted territory! Take the pages of fan-favorites Hulk vs. Wolverine and Nova and bring them to life, combining the images, audio, and scripts provided by Marvel plus your own imagination and artistic expertise. For the past 70 years, Marvel has been the hallmark for innovation and risk-taking in the comic book industry, providing some of the most famous characters in the history of comic book publishing. Now it's time for you to join Marvel and Aniboom in changing the way we experience comics by bringing them to life!

Here�s how it works

You download the Marvel comic and audio tracks you would like to work with, and bring movement and sound to the first seven pages in the most imaginative and unique ways you can think of. You will have from August 24, 2009 until October 5, 2009 to enter your seven pages.

The top 50 submissions as voted by the Aniboom community will receive a free 1-year subscription to Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited. On or around October 19, 2009, a panel of Marvel judges will pick four finalists and fans at Aniboom will pick one. The Five Finalists will then have two weeks to finish the remaining pages of their chosen Marvel comic selection and complete an entire motion comic. The Five Finalists receive $2,000 each to help them complete their submission as they compete for the Grand Prize, where they will be joined by one or two Wildcard Finalists, an entrant or entrants who independently complete their original submission. The Wildcard Finalist is selected by the panel of judges after the second round of voting on completed Motion Comics which occurs from October 19, 2009 to November 2, 2009. After the Wildcard selection(s), the Aniboom community has two weeks to view and vote on Finalists. On or around November 16, 2009, the Grand Prize Winner will be announced and will receive a $10,000 cash prize and have their work featured on

Finalists and Winners

Five Finalists will be announced on or around October 19, 2009. They will receive $2,000 and will automatically compete for the Grand Prize with the Complete Motion Comics they create. Four will be selected by a special Judges Panel; the other will be chosen by the Aniboom Fan Community.

One or two Wildcard Finalists will be selected during the second voting by a panel of judges, and will be placed in the running with the Finalists for the Grand Prize. The Wildcard Finalist will be announced on or around November 9, 2009.

One Grand Prize Winner will receive a $10,000 and have their work featured on The Grand Prize Winner will be announced on or around November 23, 2009.

Few Official Rules and Submission Agreement for full details

  • Only the visual and audio content provided by Marvel may be used in entries to the competition; you may not add your own visual or audio content to your submission.
  • All visual and audio content used is property of Marvel Entertainment. While the entrants have the right to keep their work, it may not be used or displayed commercially.
  • To enter the competition, you must be of legal age in the country you are from.
  • Please read and understand the Official Rules and Submission Agreement before entering.