New Angry Dog Cartoon is Up!
angry dog reptile cartoon image The Funny Cartoon Saga continues....

Herb the sexual lobster gets himself into trouble when he takes the lizard executive out for a drink. Plus, a new political figure has risen to power in a bloody takeover and starts implementing policies which overwhelmingly benefit the reptile population. What can we expect next? Animator Chris Voigt keeps the laughs coming in this latest installment of his hit animated web series, "Angry Dog".

herb sexual lobster cartoon image The "Angry Dog" Story

Animator Chris Voigt's original cartoon episode of “Angry Dog” has gathered a cult following since its creation.

Thousands of people viewed his work on the aniBoom partner channel on YouTube, rating it highly and prompting them to subscribe in order to receive updates on new animated videos.

angry dog newscaster cartoon image So when the aniBoom Creators Studio contacted him to propose a collaboration, he suggested his “Angry Dog” as a prototype for more funny episodes. They loved the idea and what resulted is this new hilariously edgy animated series.

Watch Angry Dog Episode 6!

Read our interview with Creator Chris Voigt
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