Clement Picon Aniboom Success Story

Clement Picon From Student to Official Radiohead Video Selection

Interview with Animator Clement Picon
Winner of the Radiohead In Rainbows Music Video Contest
Creator of "Reckoner"

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The French animation student made it to the Finals in our “In Rainbows Music Video Competition” judged by Radiohead. The band selected his music video “Reckoner” to be used as their official clip and he walked away $10,000 richer.

When did you first become interested in doing it?
Pretty early. I was really interested in comic books when I was young and I wanted to become a comics illustrator. I guess animation is (in a way) a comic book with motion.

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What do you like about animation?
Everything! But especially, I think it's a great way to do everything that is impossible to do in live action.

How did you get started? What kind of training do you have?
I first did a year of art school in Paris right after the "Bac" and then did four years at "Supinfocom" in Arles. My graduation film was "Musicotherapy", a musical film about insane animals in a psychiatric hospital!

Who/What are your influences?
Whatever I can get: comics (European and American), traditional animation (Norman Mclaren, most recently "Mind Game"), and of course, 3D animation(Pixar's of course!)

What techniques were used? 3D animation.

How long did it take?
One month, days and night (especially nights in fact!) to do the first version, and then 3 weeks for the final video.

Were there any big challenges making the clip?
Mmmmhh. Not sleeping!

Why did you pick the Radiohead song you did?
Well, I think it's one of the most beautiful songs on the album, and it was the one that right away I had pictures in my head while listening to it.

How did you come up with your video concept?
The song inspired me everything. At first, I wanted to do a very long zoom out throughout the song with the grass growing, then the tree, and finally the city becoming a seed again. But it was technically too complicated, and I think it's much better with cuts at the end of the day.

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What motivated you to enter the In Rainbows Contest?
A friend told me about this contest. As a huge fan of both animation and radiohead, I had to enter!

What was it like being part of it?
A really interesting experience! It was the first time that I posted a video of mine on a website. It's so good to receive constructive feedback about your work. The Aniboom community is amazing for that!

Have you done anything interesting with the money you won?
Bought $10,000 of wine and cheese! Hem... no, sorry... I bought a new computer which is my new tool and saved the rest for future projects.

How has winning affected your life/career?
I got propositions from production companies, which is really interesting because I really want to keep going making music videos and/or short films.

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