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aniBoom Awards 2006 - Finals

More than 1,700 Entries from 70 Countries:
Aniboom Animation Awards 2007 Results Are In!
Out of thousands of entries from all over the world, six amazing short films have been chosen by you to take home prizes from AniBOOM's first animation contest, The AniBOOM Awards!

Congratulations, AniBOOM Awards Winners!
Winning Animation Finalists Judge's Choice
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Drum roll, Please! And the Grand Prize Winner of $25,000 in the first Aniboom Awards goes to:
Malis wanted to "tell a little complex story about a lot of topics...differences between groups of people, faith confrontation, religion manipulation, hypocrisy, etc.
Not too shabby! These five category winners take home $5,000 each!
Never have cartoon humans seemed so despicable as when in Three Legged Legs' film they are busy cutting down trees and animals and milking the earth's resources for all they're worth.
In this thoughtful look at modern conflicts, the routine life of a few soldiers on watch duty is disturbed when a kite from the other side of a partition fence mars their perfect sky.
It's another beautiful day in the life of Mr. Fortune, an example to us all of how to live a zen existence. With music by Ariel Einfeld, Eric Lerner used the 3D animating program Maya together with Digital Video.
Drieseberg rocks out with her parody of AC/DC's "Back in Black" with George Dubya in flag-striped tighty whiteys with never-thought-we'd-ever-see-this, VP Dick Cheney on lead guitar wearing leopard print pants.
Originally an executable program written for Windows, merely 64 kilobytes in size, Chaos Theory allowed for a new outcome each time it was viewed. This video version gives you a little taste.

Click here to download and view the tabulated final scores by judges and registered users.

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