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Chess Wars01:14
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Chess WAr!!! The story of a Chessboard war...
By: Shahar007 | Added: 17 April 2007

the Long Walk04:23
Views: 21258 | Rate:
My 2 film in The Bulgarian National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts
Tags: Animation, art
By: svilen80svilen | Added: 13 May 2007

My First Crush03:29
Views: 6330 | Rate:
Using interviews with people about their first experiences with love, their animal counterparts h...
By: JuliaPott | Added: 26 September 2008

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Music video for single Shiva from mexican indie band Austin TV
By: acerriteno | Added: 28 October 2008

Views: 19845 | Rate:
"Three adventurers go to an island with the intention of pillaging an old temple..." Short film ...
By: goldoraclure | Added: 3 November 2008

-Hello? (-Hola?)02:16
Views: 24532 | Rate:
A Mime practices his movements. When the telephone next to him begins to ring, the problem of ha...
By: opusbou | Added: 29 November 2007

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In a devestated world by men, the only glimps of hope is the memory of a forgotten past. But be c...
By: voisinanthony | Added: 25 March 2009

Kitty and Kimmy Teaser0201:14
Views: 11879 | Rate:
Kitty and Kimmy is a story talking about a little twins father premise them to take them on atour...
By: keyzstudio | Added: 10 June 2009

The drawer of memory07:20
Views: 28421 | Rate:
An old woman ,with a drawer of memory on her body and miss her husband everyday...
Tags: drawer, memory
By: mangoning | Added: 3 January 2010

Taste of Nostalgia04:05
Views: 1506 | Rate:
Noodle stall chef has problem with his right hand and his food is no longer appreciated by the cu...
By: taro828 | Added: 23 November 2009

Monkey See Monkey Do00:45
Views: 20576 | Rate:
"Monkey see Monkey do" an animated and live action show that encourage children to be more active...
By: smartoonz | Added: 8 November 2009

Little Dead Riding Hood03:14
Views: 9276 | Rate:
A classic fairy tale with a zombie twist
By: garypetersjr | Added: 8 November 2009

The Strongest02:48
Views: 29773 | Rate:
Here is my final submission in HD. I would like to thank everyone for their support. I enjoyed wo...
By: Bigjohn3d | Added: 3 November 2009

NOVA_all for one final11:31
Views: 3250 | Rate:
The full version
By: jacree | Added: 2 November 2009

All for One HQ09:11
Views: 8119 | Rate:
Nova. The first episode in 'FULL' and in high quality.Animation by Pryce Duncalf and sound desig...
By: prycedesign | Added: 2 November 2009

Views: 12668 | Rate:
After the annihilation attempt, NOVA finds himself and a force called Worldmind, as the only surv...
By: mojozero | Added: 9 November 2009

Fragmented Memories (completed)02:57
Views: 14254 | Rate:
Wolverine unveils some of his memories and finds it can be a dangerous thing to do...
By: guicho | Added: 28 October 2009

Views: 4867 | Rate:
My first motion comic. PS: YOU CAN WATCH THE FINAL VERSION HERE:http://www.aniboom.com/animation-...
By: ARNAUDFAURE | Added: 2 November 2009

Santa Intervention03:48
Views: 20525 | Rate:
A group of holiday characters hold an intervention for an over-eating Santa Claus. Hilarity ensues.
By: jokesmalone | Added: 1 December 2009

Ghost Squad04:00
Views: 8985 | Rate:
On Christmas Eve, a team of ghost hunters is dispatched to investigate paranormal activity at an ...
By: SeaOfIdiots | Added: 30 August 2009

Scare-Horn & Belle Jingles04:30
Views: 5792 | Rate:
A pumpkin-headed slasher meets his match: A little girl.
By: mbosn01 | Added: 5 August 2009

The Dangers of Halloween02:21
Views: 11317 | Rate:
A special report regarding the many dangers of Halloween.Animation: Yotam PerelWriting: Evyatar a...
By: YotamPerel | Added: 2 June 2009

My Life Plus Animals - Thanksgiving02:00
Views: 5030 | Rate:
Abe and Johnson try to enjoy the mother of all food centered holidays - Thanksgiving.
By: GiantPancake | Added: 21 August 2009

Patriotism for Scoundrels - full version00:42
Views: 19005 | Rate:
A practical how-to guide for the effective, clinical subversion of democracy, Chinese animator Da...
By: ochki1 | Added: 15 November 2009

The Low Road00:40
Views: 14818 | Rate:
Blending the biting words of writer Marge Piercy in the sharp tongue of poet Stacey Ann Chin with...
By: avigra | Added: 15 November 2009

This Order Cannot Endure - full version00:33
Views: 4159 | Rate:
A speech by Eugene Debs illustrated using stop-motion and pixilation techniques. Created by Tiny...
By: TinyCircus | Added: 15 November 2009

Statement to the Court - full version00:34
Views: 8381 | Rate:
It's not very different from the first version, I made only small changes. It is a video created ...
By: piantoperdente | Added: 15 November 2009

Opposing a Social Order - Final Version00:30
Views: 7116 | Rate:
This piece is inspired by silent films about industry and class struggle, such as "Metropolis" an...
By: gabrielaronson | Added: 15 November 2009

spare a dime00:30
Views: 6750 | Rate:
a little animation about the gran depression times
By: solracvii9 | Added: 30 October 2009