The Aniboom Animation Marketplace

The Aniboom Animation Marketplace is a place for professional animation artists to find quality work from all over the world!

It's simple, really. Ready, set, go!

Apply to the Aniboom Animation Marketplace. The more you put into profiling yourself, the better chance you'll have to get a job, so make sure to upload your demo reel or portfolio!

Gaining Speed: Pitch Your Work & Ideas to Clients
If you are accepted to the Marketplace, you will be sent a link to the Job Board, where you can then apply to any Project you choose. This is the place where you can make your pitch to the clients to get noticed and impress them. You can ask any questions about the Project by communicating directly through the client's Project Page. Pitching your idea for a Project and referencing your previous work are the keys to helping you land the job, so be sure to make everything as clear and attractive as possible

Halfway Mark: Get Selected by Client
Sit back, relax, and land the job! If the client thinks you're the best candidate for the job, this is the point where he will deposit payment to Aniboom (which will be safeguarded until the Project is completed to his specification and approval), and assign his Project to you.

Home Stretch: Make Animation
Make the animation and show it off to the client! The client will be able to see the progress of his Project as you're working on it every step of the way through his Project Page and give comments directly to you.

Finish Line: Deliver & Get Paid!
When the client is satisfied with the animation, he can approve your work and payment and you will deliver the completed project. It's a win-win for both you and the client!

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Please fill out the application form and upload your showreel. When work comes in that fits your skill set, we'll notify you.

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