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This is my new show/demoreel I hope you like it!? The most stuff is done with 3ds Max, After Effects etc. If you have any questions, requests or advices please don't hesitate to contact me. Thx for Watching. Song is from Fhernando - Once Upon A Time (http://www.jamendo.com/ )
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Competition: aniBoom Awards 2008

See what happends, when you go away but your homework comes alive. My personal task was to create a story with personality, emotions etc without using mimic, arms and legs. And please Fave if u like it!
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This is my newest demoreel. Just to show my work from the last few month. I m thankful for every comment to enhance my work. Please watch my newest Shortmovie Whats for homework?
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This was my first bigger projekt done in 3weeks on dez 2006. Its about an angler and his way of fishing. Hope U like it and will be glad for every (even the bad ones) feedback.
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Just a little test of the animation of philly. Its my first "really" animatable character . any feedback is very welcome.
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