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Dude clears a canyon in this quick loop. Just wanted to play around with different shots of a figure in motion. Also trying to develop the good habit of storyboarding. If you liked this one drop by the Logopai boomzone for more daring ShapeShifter animations
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Working on figuring out different sound programs and how they relate to ShapeShifter. Also have been wanting to do a skater for awhile. If you liked this one drop by the Logopai boomzone for tonnes more!
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This lesson is all about creating depth by changing the size of an object. The simple rule is that the bigger the object, the closer it appears. I was a bit late this lesson and I'd love to work these three examples over a bit more, but I don't want you to have to wait too long. So here it is LESSO
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PARALAX is not only a cool word it is also a cool technique in animation. In this week's lesson you'll learn how to make a moving background that feels 3D. Just be careful counting out the keystrokes! If you want more lessons just stop by my boomzone! Keep on animating!
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A koi pond in the evening. The fish swim and dragonflies frolick. If you liked this one drop by the Logopai Boomzone for more movies you might also enjoy. And if you'd like to see a much better koi pond guy movie check out my inspiration http://www.jonathanyuen.com/main.html This site is awesome
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