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Electronic Clay Just plug this device into the clay itself and you now have control! A new animation by Dan MacKenzie, previously of MackProductions. 2009 Mackmation.
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Competition: History Phase 1 | Rank: 3

My crazy clay visualization to the reading of The Declaration of Independence. The last 3rd is just at animatic stage. It will be fully claymation too, no lame airbrush look. Would love to hear what you all think! -Dan MacKenzie
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Competition: History | Rank: 7
My final claymation visualization of Matt Damon reciting the Declaration of Independence.
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Introducing a magic new food item... Pencil Pancakes! Stop motion by Dan MacKenzie
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Competition: Sesame Street | Rank: 127

A green cyclops named Ogre Alan tells of his childhood past where he fought a terrifying snowogre!
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