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A musical and ideological remix of Nine Inch Nails. Music remixed with explicit permission from the artist. Warning: Contains adult language
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(self) construction / deconstruction - seeking - unfulfillment cataclysm reconstruction - remembrance - resign (relief?) Constructed for the AniBoom Radiohead Music Video Contest. For more info go to: z-studios.com/films/bodysnatchers/
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Somewhere in the world is a family situation twice as crazy as yours.
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"This was turning out to be such a beautiful day..." This short film is the first chapter of a collection called UMBRA, a set of thematically connected short films exploring that darkest part of shadow.
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All men of the world can find common ground in these simple rules of "evacuation" etiquette. More info and downloads available at: http://z-studios.com/films/mre/
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