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Mr. Frump Counts Shoes, this goes with the Pinball soundtrack, this is for the Aniboom Awards 4 Sesame Street Contest. Please leave a Comment and I am sorry I can not make this longer I'm having P.C. problems, I need better equipment in order to actually Compete.
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This is where You can Comment if You wish and I will get back to you, If you do not have a comment box make one so we can talk back and forth.
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the effects of the B.P. Oil Spill. a Clownfish suffers the effects of the Oil Spill. I have made a second part to this called B P Oil Spill the Revenge.
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Dude's Texting controlls a Tennis Game in the Twilight Zone. this is a simple little animation that is an idea. this is choppy and crude and not too good but I had fun making it.
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Humans embark to explore the universe. Hurled through a Black Hole emerging into an unknown Universe Humans encounter Them a race that Harvests everything and is cloning brains to be used in war machines to destroy everything.
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