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Competition: Awards4 | Rank: 114

Secret Agents Pineapple and Coconut teach you the importance of not stealing... in their own special ways. CREDITS: Directed and Written by Ed 'word' Price. Animation by Ed, Armando, Aric, and Scott. Voices by Ken, Wes, and Mike. This is our 5th Sesame Street cartoon.
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Competition: Sesame Street | Rank: 158

Alphabet Bear sings you this song about the importance of letters while the Letter Critters run around and have fun. Animation by Snorre. Directed and Produced by Ed 'word' Price. Music by Elise Jiminez. This is our 3rd Sesame Street cartoon.
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Competition: Sesame Street | Rank: 95

The monsters Even and Odd teach you about numbers! Animated by Patrick Jenkins. Our 1st cartoon for Sesame Street.-- CREDITS: Written, Produced, and 4 Voices by Ed 'word' Price. Guitar and 2 Voices by Tyler B. Keyboard and Composition by Jeffrey B.
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Competition: Sesame Street | Rank: 57

Join Daz's Zeke character as 5 Star in this simple song about learning your A-B-Cs. Animation and Designs by Dazzer from Hitmanimation. Produced by Ed 'word' Price. Rap by Zekness aka 5 Star. Our 2nd cartoon for Sesame Street. Updates on this would include less flashes and more variety. Enjoy!
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Competition: Sesame Street | Rank: 38

Join Share Kong and the Share-If as they perform for Brooke, Max, and the one girl on the left. CREDITS: Animated by Andrei from GagaManMusic. Written, Directed, & voice of Share-If by Ed 'word'' Price. Guitar, Composition, & voice of Share Kong by Nick Rogstad. -- Our 4th cartoon for Sesame Street.
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