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Competition: InRainbows

Poisoned Earth popmageddon. Everything becomes flowers and it all has faces. 3D rough animatic. Next steps: Significant further modelling to raise the sophistication of the images. Creation of expressionist skies by using painted 35mm film. General tightening-up of shots/varying shot size.
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An alternate history of the earth, in which all our wrongs can be traced to an accident involving an angel, a watermelon seed, and a dinosaur. Also guest-starring God., and the Military-Industrial Complex. Dir: Alex de Campi. Animation: Ryan Parker. Music: Flipron.
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When the local mad scientist accidentally unleashes giant crustaceans on the surrounding countryside and the Toff runs away whining like a baby, it’s Dogboy! Versus Monsters! For the Village! For the Girl! And, um, for the Dog.Dir: Alex de Campi. CGI: Duncan Brown. Music: Flipron.
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Dir: Alex de Campi. Animation: Duncan Brown. Music: Maxfield
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Its the circle of death as a villains crimes move back up the food chain to haunt him. Directed by Alex de Campi. Music by The Real Tuesday Weld feat. The Puppini Sisters.
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