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Competition: Awards2006

This is an animated greeting card meant to be sent to anyone who is going through a rough time. It will make you feel all warm and fuzzy...
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Competition: aniBoom Awards 2006

Try to keep your panties on,ladies! Las Vegas lounge lizard Reno Reynolds croons the classic holiday carol: "Happy HannukahChristmasKwanzaa"!
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Competition: aniBoom Awards 2006

Rock on with George Bush and lead guitarist Dickie C as they try for a record THIRD term in office! (Parody of AC/DC's "Back in Black")
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Competition: aniBoom Awards 2006

These days, who has the time to do their own firting anymore? Modern Science brings you the latest in Automated Flirting Technology (ATF)! Meet: The FLIRTBOT3000!
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