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Once there was a prince named Joe who sought an engagement ring, searching high and low. He found a great wizard and told him of his plight. Prince Joe and his sweetheart became man and wife.
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A 30 second TV commercial for Licorwrist Bands, a new kids' toy from 5 Freckles LLC. Visit today to order! Art and animation by ARG! Cartoon Animation Studio, LicorWrist Bands Magic Bus
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This is a specialized show reel in progress at ARG Cartoon Animation Studio, showing our whiteboard art presentation capabilities. Director: Artie Romero Artist: Woodrow Martin Video editor: Tim Romero Narration: Rachel Logan Music: Kevin MacLeod Silly Fun Creative Commons 3.0, incompete
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The Funky Monkey may be eighteen years old now, but he's still rockin', doing his thing, whatever that is! Originally animated by William Kirk Kennedy (1953-2010) in 1983, and updated in Maya by Travis McCoy this year. Both versions were produced at ARG! Cartoon Animation Studio.
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TV commercial with animation by ARG Cartoon Animation Studio done in Flash and Toon Boom with backgrounds modeled and rendered in Maya. The soundtrack is by Morsound. The animation was produced in Colorado at ARG Cartoon Animation at
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