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By:   dani_lazarov
Danny Lazarov's 1-minute video for the CIEE competition '2 months in 35 countries'.
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By:   dani_lazarov
the video is done at the Foundry Nuke and edited in Sony Vegas
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By:   AnnekeAnimatie
An eskimo is very hungry, but wat he discovers is that nothing is wat it seems.
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By:   tellier
Competition: aniBoom Awards 2006

A mostly stopmotion music video for the the song 'walking with a ghost', written by Tegan and Sara and preformed by The White Stripes.
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By:   emiel
Competition: aniBoom Awards 2006

An animal tries to adapt to his environment that keeps on changing.
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By:   mariaavramova
Competition: aniBoom Awards 2007

Wierd things happened when you fall asleep at school.
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By:   Miroslav_Mirchev
We live our lives under pressure,we are in a rush every day and is it all worth!
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By:   irusev
Competition: aniBoom Awards 2006

Strange things sometimes happen in and around apartment blocks.
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By:   svilen80svilen
There is only three things necessary to fly: Dream, Persistence And to be a frog! COMING SOON
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By:   Bobbyta
Competition: aniBoom Awards 2008

This movie was created during the animation workshop with Phil Mulloy in Sofia Bulgaria 2008. This is an abstract picture of our life.
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