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By:   lightinmind

strange monster. it attacks people. but he is in more strange world. monster meets people and people meets monster. and they starts their journey. by lightinmind (jeong-yong kim)
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By:   coffieMaker

A strange little girl finds a tree-man and starts his machine...
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By:   waditya

The side effect of war could contaminate the point of view of each person that involved. What happen if your parents become one of the killing machine of your country? what do you do if your country like to attack a weak country to become their alliance in the future? what should we do?
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By:   Plumit

Harsh routine of the space conquerors
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By:   Shaolin

A population of small animals work day in and out in a large factory. They are getting ready for a revolution, lead by their fearless leader. Updated version now online, (See post)
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By:   dbuenning

Dedicated to all human beeings. A giant map of human beings is visualizing that we all stand alone and are connected with each other simultanously. By Antonia Kühn & Dominic Bünning
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