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Competitive Magnetics will design custom transformers and inductors per your electrical specifications and dimensional requirements. All power transformers are RoHS Compliant against hazardous materials. http://www.custompowertransformer.com
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Our Chassis Mounted Transformers are terminated with standard leads; terminated leads, quick disconnect terminals, or other terminals per your specifications. http://www.custompowertransformer.com
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Current Transformer is a sort of electrical instrument that are used to measure electric currents that is it is produced mainly to endow with a flow of current in the secondary circuit . www.custompowertransformer.com
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Competitive Magnetics offers your company the benefits of the low cost of transformers from Asia along with purchasing from a source in the USA with the highest standards in customer service and product quality. http://www.custompowertransformer.com/
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The power has become one of the significant things in people life. This power is provided to all homes and industries and to make it clear, without power it is quite difficult to operate the machines in the industries. For More Details: www.custompowertransformer.com
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