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A day in the life of a nihilist wizard who uses his powers for all the wrong reasons. But will true passionate love cause him to change his ways
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Just another casual day. just another avarage job. just another level to complete. An indie film by Amit Tishler and Nir Panigel
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An Eskimo hunter sets out to the stormy blizzards of the snowy mountains in search for a pray to hunt. The hunter stumbles upon an unlikely Prey, an egg that just hatched out of the snow and mistakes the hunter for it's mother.
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Competition: Saatchi | Rank: 240

A cute little girl thrown straight into the fires of Hell. The Dark minions quickly learn that if nothing will be done about their new unwelcomed guest, Their lives will turn into a living Hell
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Competition: Saatchi | Rank: 164

blasphemous behaviour at the industrial factory. a little robot with urgent needs and a patrol-bot that tries to retain the sterile order. can that sensational urge be surpassed?
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