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Dr. Pilkenstein introduces us to his latest invention - a machine that can magnify objects. The experiment on a cute little lizard seems perfectly safe to him. But is it?
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The new machine of Dr. Pilkenstein, can teleport people from Point A to Point B. That would help preventing horrible traffic accidents of all kinds. But what if one won’t reappear in point B?
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For the sake of mankind, Dr. Pilkenstein invents ‘The Time Machine’, trying to go back in time and repair human history. But is messing around with past really safe for the present?
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Dr. Pilkenstein has decided to provide himself with some extra abilities by assimilating the D.N.A structure of a frog. But what kind of abilities will those be?
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To answer the ultimate question – "Is there’s life on Mars?" - Dr. Pilkenstein sends his special Beam-Ray to detect alien life forms. But what if there really ARE Martians on Mars, and they can't stand Beam-Rays?
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