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Competition: Awards2006

Mark Schmidt is an addict. He has an addiction to bet on sports. But he neglects his real life. This is the true story about Bwin that was forbade in three federal states in Germany and managers were arrested in Paris. A machinima made with THE MOVIES.
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Competition: aniBoom Awards 2006

This movie tells the story about a man who lost his belief in love. In view of this conflict he loses his mind and does a mistake. A machinima made with THE MOVIES.
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Competition: aniBoom Awards 2006

What if desire knows no borders? What if you trust people? Everything will change... 1 man, 3 women, 1 murder, 1 investigation. A machinima made with THE MOVIES.
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Videoclip of "Nude", performed by Radiohead
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Competition: aniBoom Awards 2008

Machinima made with THE MOVIES. German language with English subtitles version of "Der Abgrund in uns - Folge 1: Der gute Doktor".
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