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This is the true story of a great man. To view this video at a higher quality please visit my website at:
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This is an animation I did of Van Goghs painting Starry Night. In the first half you go forward in the order that it was created, after the Van Gogh credits you will begin to go backwards with the original painting showing underneath. Music: Waltz of the Flowers by Tchaikovsky.
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My animation coexists with the reading of Edgar Allan Poes Dream Within a Dream poem written for his dearly departed wife. I hope you enjoy it! To visit my webpage for this video and to download a higher quality version please see:
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Competition: History Phase 1 | Rank: 21

During the Great Depression many families had to resort to creative means to survive and small moments of generosity could mean having a meal or not. If my work is selected I will show how these moments continue to impact peoples lives and reachout into the world even beyond the Great Depression.
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Competition: aniBoom Awards 2006

Odyssey is a compilation of mini fractal movies that I animated from one single Mandelbrot fractal and applied royalty free Mozart music to. At seven minutes long, it morphs and melts in what results into a mesmerizing experience for the viewer. Hope you like it! Gina Miller
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