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Competition: Awards2006

An adaptation of the Edgar Allan Poe poem, set to musuc ("Danse Macabre") by Camille Saint-Saens. Marionettes compete for attention in front of an audience of angels, until a giant worm intervenes. An allegory of life and death.
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Competition: aniBoom Eyedoll

O.C. Dee has embraced his obsessions and taken them to the competition. Enjoy the most sterile Aniboom Eyedoll entry of all!
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Competition: History Phase 1 | Rank: 15

An animatic of a 30-second snippet from "What, to the American Slave, is Your 4th of July?" The visuals highlight the contrasts between freedom and slavery. The final version will include color throughout, animation of characters and effects, and other refinements.
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Competition: Fox Challenge

Think the Nutcracker is some girlie ballet? Not if Chuck has anything to say about it!
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Competition: Marvel Phase 1 | Rank: 9

Wolverine remembers his experience fighting Hulk in the Great White North in this Motion Comic adaptation of "Puny Little Man".
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