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Faced with a common enemy, the candidates must band together in a foreign locale, fighting against injustice and elderly lobbyists.
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The candidates arrive in NYC with great fanfare only to be whisked quickly away by “24”’s Jack Bauer in response to a terrorist threat. Will they be able to survive each other’s company, or Rudy’s cooking?
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Al Gore tries to convince Obama to join forces with him, while the other candidates attack his environmental pride and joy. Will Obama be able to withstand one of Al Gore’s boring lectures, or will he fall to the dark side?
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The candidates demand a recount after an appearance on the hit show American Idol. Barack Obama struggles with his identity and McCain has a Vietnam Flashback.
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Competition: aniBoom Awards 2007
Hilary, McCain and Guilianni get a chance to strut their stuff on American Idol with questionable results. McCain finds Simon’s critique unacceptable.
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