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Story: Terrorists have been said to be hiding near the pyramids in Egypt. Sergeant Envoy and Captain Aldex are planning to stop them... Reinforcements has been said to be coming to their help. Sorry, this episode has no fighting or killing people yet but the next episode will have a war... Anyways,
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Sergeant Envoy goes to the pyramid along with Captain Aldex, Corporal Jeremy, Staff Sergeant Cain and Private Mark but got ambushed. Rate and comment!!!
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The SMF captured a terrorist and had him kept as information. The leader of the terrorists have been planning to steal supply from a ship and then blow it up to avoid being captured, but the soldiers arrived in time, or did they?
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Whoa... this is a big file!!! The preview of CMF, the new series i'm making. I know some part sucked coz i can't edit it, its too laggy... anyways be patient and enjoy!
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Finally done!! Not as long as the preview. But tell me what you think. Characters in this episode: Sja20092, Raycmf111, Beanallean2(or Mortar), Tiborpro and Wolfinch. Rate and comment
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