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By:   morgn
Competition: aniBoom Awards 2006

Freerange - a 3D animated trailer for a proposed set of interstitials created and owned by Seed Animation Studio. It's about a bunch of farmyard animals that seek extra pasture. From each other.
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By:   steffromuk
"A Kiss From Tokyo", Theatrical Trailer (1964) - Yuki 7 dashes around the world in hot pursuit of the tantalizingly tricky Diamond Eye, who is stealing parts and plans and leaving behind a path of murdered scientists in her quest to build a missile inside her volcanic lair.
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By:   oshman84
Competition: aniBoom Awards 2008

Way Home is a story featuring a fly, a dung beetle, and a farmer. Through a tragic episode that is also filled with humor and brightness, I would like to give the viewers an opportunity to think about what they are chasing after and what is truly precious in life.
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By:   EsseRawks
Competition: aniBoom Awards 2008

Up high in the sky, a young girl resides on an island and is separated from everyone and everything. Although such a life might seem lonely for some, she thinks otherwise and found a way to pass the time
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By:   alectron
Competition: aniBoom Awards 2008

Our hero is out to prove himself in a game of schoolyard soccer.
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By:   Shaolin

Updated version of my first entry. A population of small animals work day in and out in a large factory. They are getting ready for a revolution, lead by their fearless leader
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By:   fursyteyssier
Competition: aniBoom Awards 2007

A metaphor of death through the eyes of a young girl. Above all, the film is about love beyond death.
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By:   maxmaleo
Competition: aniBoom Awards 2007

Little tourist robots arrive on Earth several millions years ago and take some souvenirs shots of their trip. One of them wanders away from the group and meets an ape man. Communication is challenging
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By:   mykebakich
Competition: aniBoom Awards 2007

A grumpy old man is attacked by a gang of hungry pigeons for his ice cream. When his favourite treat is lost to the birds a kind-hearted stranger comes to the rescue.
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By:   oreliah
Competition: aniBoom Awards 2007

Cold war era spy animation short
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Competition: aniBoom Awards 2007

Meet PLUSHOOD, the new neighbors in your building:Vigo, Pinto, Dolores, Joske, Miss Moss and her cat James Richardson the 3rd They try to lead normal life but with very little success due to their wacky not-very-stable character..
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By:   madscientist
Dr. Pilkenstein introduces us to his latest invention - a machine that can magnify objects. The experiment on a cute little lizard seems perfectly safe to him. But is it?
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By:   goldoraclure
it's just my showreel...
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By:   kenA
Competition: aniBoom Awards 2006

Student film. A monk must confront his inner demon if he is to find ultimate peace.
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By:   geneva
Competition: aniBoom Awards 2006

Sebastien, with his dog, is trying to realize the perfect paper airplane. Later, He wishes to share his passion with his co-workers who don't look interested... at first.
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