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CHAPTER ONE-THE DEPLOYMENT Upon receiving a code 3 distress signal , ( from a deserted ,but heavily patrolled mining asteroid , X -R7. ).an "advance" squad, is dispatched to investigate in PLANET PATROL -CHAPTER ONE
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CHAPTER TWO - tensions at the P.P .headquarters mount , as a errie calm, seems to only intensifie the impending and highly anticipated confrontation, .not only.between two warring fractions, but strange hostile underground creatures alike., in PLANET PATROL PART TWO - " MOVE IT OUT
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CHAPTER THREE ..-THE WELCOMING COMMITIE :,, upon orders to investigate and secure the deserted mining asteroid, X-R7 the Patrol encounters the main group of a Eye-til-ligan death sqaud ...and be sure to see , each exciting CHAPTER of " PLANET PATROL. "..
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CHAPTER FOUR...FINISHED....this gave me nothing but tecnical issues it was constantly slow or totally un-responsive...had to re-do end segments 3 times
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CHAPTER FIVE -Bugged Buggy Blast attack ..Chapter 5
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