Aniboom 4 Sesame Street Awards Finalist Mithum Kumara

Where are you from and where do you work (city, studio, or home studio)?
I'm from Sri Lanka and I’m working on my own home studio with the help of my two brothers.

When did you first become interested in animation?
I have always loved animation since I was a child, but I got interested in 3D animation when I saw Toy Story. I think that movie change my life.

What do you like about animation?
In animation you have total freedom to do anything, with the help of couple of friends you can make a really good product from start to finish, and its lots of fun.

How did you get started in animation? Did you have any kind of formal training?
I have no formal training in animation. I start to do some animations as a hobby when I was in high school. I mostly learning through online tutorials, they help me a lot.

What works of animation, comics, film, or books inspire you and your work?
That's a tough question, there´s so many... studios like Pixar, Blur, DreamWorks Animation and Disney. Cartoons: X-Men, Thunder cats, and the video games I play really help me to improve my work.

What techniques did you like using in your animation?
I mostly like to work in 3d animations, and I use Photoshop, After Effects for final editing.

What attracted you to the Aniboom 4 Sesame Street Awards?
Actually this is a great opportunity to work with one of the world's most iconic television show, and I'm a big fan of Sesame Street since I was a kid.

What’s your favorite holiday?
Christmas, because you get lots of presents.

What is your ultimate dream?
I think this is early stages of my life, so I'm keep on learning and making animation to gain experience, and one day hopefully create an animated feature film of my own.

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