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StumbleUpon is an Internet community that allows its users to discover and rate Web pages, photos, and videos. It is a personalized recommendation engine which uses peer and social-networking principles.

When you click a "Stumble!" button on your browser toolbar, you're presented with a web page which fits the general interest criteria you've chosen in your profile. You can choose from a list of nearly 500 topics to find pages you're likely to enjoy.

A thumbs up or thumbs down click lets StumbleUpon know whether you liked the page you just saw and then by clicking "stumble" again, you get a new web page. StumbleUpon chooses which Web page to display based on the ratings you gave previous pages, ratings by you or your friends, and by the ratings of users with similar interests. You can also choose not to rate pages. It's a really great way to explore the Internet and find things you might not otherwise see.

Of course, as usual, we're all about cartoons and animation. We're busy recommending great animated movies from Aniboom members to people using Stumble Upon as well as talking to creators and fans of animation.

Stumbling is fun! Join StumbleUpon and get in on the action. We'd love to see you on there!

Membership on the site is free, so what are you waiting for?


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