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7 Animators have Clips Shown on FOX During “Family Guy”

OK, so it’s not like they got their own series or anything (yet). But seven animators who post work on Aniboom can brag that their work is being seen on FOX during prime time!

During their Sunday night animation block, FOX television in the USA is showing a spot promoting the FOX-Aniboom Holiday Challenge. The spot includes animation by some of the most popular animations on the Aniboom site. Including:

Aniboom Spot on FOX Larry Feign, Stvdio Media “Dirty Ratz”
Hong Kong

Xeth Feinberg “Hell Fire High”

Sarah Hatooka “Miss Catastrophe”

Sam Neimann “Ruby Rocket”

Vincent Prijent “Peas”

Team Tiger Awesome “Constars“

Guy Zinger “Revelation: Monkey Goes Ape”

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