Fox Finalist Brian Garrison

With no formal training the self proclaimed king of trial and error Brian Garrison, made good on his FOX Holiday Animation Challenge submission, Ghost Squad becoming a finalist and in the running for the Grand Prize.

Where are you from and where do you work (city, studio, or home studio)?

I'm originally from Ft. Myers, FL, but I've been living in Dallas, TX, for the past couple of years.

When did you first become interested in animation?

Watching TV on Saturdays while I was growing up is where I first became aware of it and started to take an interest. Classic Looney Tunes stuff, especially Chuck Jones work, was probably first. I was also a big Sci-Fi and Horror fan, and always loved the stop motion animation of Willis O'Brien and Ray Harryhausen in those genres.

What do you like about animation?

I like the fact that anyone with a computer has the means to create professional looking animation today. You can make a really good product with just a couple of people, as opposed to a live action production which would take an entire crew and a LOT more money to achieve the same level of professionalism.

How did you get started in animation? Did you have any kind of formal training?

When I was a kid I made a couple of stop motion shorts, and I started experimenting with computer animation about 4 years ago. No formal training.

What techniques did you like to use in your animation? I create all of the characters and other assets in Photoshop, and animate everything in Anime Studio Pro. As far as the actual animation is concerned, I just rely on my instincts to make the characters expressive. While I am a long way from mastering the art of animation, I am the king of trial and error!

What works of animation, comics, film, or books inspire you and your work?

Chuck Jones and Ray Harryhausen are still an inspiration. I'd add Tim Burton, Henry Selick, Brad Bird, Terry Gilliam, John Kricfalusi, and Pixar to that list. And of course, I can't leave out The Simpsons, Family Guy, and American Dad!

What attracted you to the FOX competition?

I completed an animated pilot for a potential TV series a few months ago, and have been trying to get it into the right hands ever since. This contest seemed like the perfect way to get an advantage in that regard, so it wasn't a hard decision to make.

What’s your favorite holiday?

Christmas. I like gifts.

What is your ultimate dream?

To create and produce a TV series, and eventually, feature films.

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