Get a Sneak Peek at Aniboom Reinvented

Exclusive… a sneak peek at some improvements you can expect when Aniboom REINVENTS itself. Aniboom brought on Neville Brody’s innovative graphic design firm Research Studios, to develop a new language for the animation content portal, one which incorporates the “movement of animation”.

“Coupled with the dual-track intention of delivering new discoveries in terms of creators and creations to a multi-platform distribution industry, we have fashioned a channel with subtle levels of changeability, allowing Aniboom to speak authentically to different types of market, from young creative’s to company directors and media buyers.” says Neville Brody.

We're giving you four advance looks at what's to come.

Aniboom seeks to open the door to the animation industry for independent animators around the world. Competitions have so far provided the biggest opportunities to be seen by the big players.

Check back every few days for another peek.

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