HISTORY Finalists, Community Choice Gabriel Aronson

On our final day interviewing HISTORY Finalists, we reach Community Choice Gabriel Aronson, whose work "Opposing a Social Order" competes for the Grand Prize!  Let's jump right in!

Tell me a little about yourself:

I am an American-Austrian animator, with a background in puppetry and set design for theater. I recently completed a year in London where I studied at Chelsea College of Art and Design and worked on projects for the BBC. I am now living in New York, seeking my fortune!

Why did you decide to participate in The History Channel Competition?

I was intrigued by how appropriate many of the historical statements are to struggles in American politics today. In addition, many of the projects I've done in the past consisted of visualizing a piece of audio, so I felt comfortable with the format.

What did you like about the competition?

I really appreciated the freedom that was given to the animators in how they chose to visually approach the provided audio.

How did it feel to become a Finalist?

Needless to say it is a great honor, not only to be chosen as a finalist, but also to be the community pick! Many thanks go out to those who gave their feedback and support!

Who are some of your influences?

This particular piece was inspired by silent films that dealt with class struggles and the industrial worker, such as Fritz Lang's "Metropolis" and Charlie Chaplin's "Modern Times".

What kind of technique do you like to use?

I enjoy incorporating real textures into my animations. The current iteration of my piece is completely computer animated, but for further development I'd like to introduce stop-motion animated elements.

What’s next for you?

We'll see what the future holds! I just moved to New York a few days ago and look forward to working in film production and theater!

Don't forget to check out Gabe's website, blog, and vimeo page!

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