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animator Uri Alonim animator Moshe Servatka Interview with Animators Uri and Moshe,
Creators of "Hardcover and Paperback"

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How can I even begin to express why we liked "Hardcover and Paperback" as much as we did? There are so many great things about it. It's all around, incredibly entertaining. A witty, humorous story as well as the very clever use of paper to move the plot forward (note the house of cards that falls apart). Also, we love the classic film noir references.

When did you first become interested in doing animation?
Uri: I've been making animations since I first got a computer when I was 12. I messed around with 3d software till I was 18 and then I neglected it. I regained interest while being bored to death in Physics studies in university.

Moshe: I owe my interest to the education system. I first started doodling in high school but I discovered animation only after, much like Uri, bored to death in computer engineering studies. Why write code when you can use it to make something instead?

What kind of training do you have?
Watch Hardcover and Paperback animation now!
Watch "Hardcover and Paperback"
Uri: Both of us studied for 5 years at Bezalel, the Academy of Arts in Jerusalem. We chose the course of stopmotion and then re-did the 3rd year to study 3d animation.

Moshe: I started teaching Flash (vector animation) in a small college in Haifa. I learned that program and others while teaching them. Sorry. To learn what happened then, just read Uri’s answer.

What do you like about animation?
Uri: the thing i like most in animation the bright colors. oh, and it moves!

Moshe: In stop motion animation you get you touch and feel the material and move it by direct means. You can create life in characters and objects directly. Basically megalomania.

Who/What are your influences?
Uri: There are so many influences. To name just a few would be not cool towards the others. I would have to say that my biggest inspiration was my dead dog, Yoske. He died in 1995.

Moshe: Mostly my girlfriend Elena. And the old masters of days gone by.

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View Moshe & Uri's Portfolio
What inspired your story?
Uri: Many films and books, and some postcards. From the film "Citizen Kane" to "_Origami__-_Collection_from_the_Internet_-_Nearly_300_Clear_Models.pdf". Oh, and marijuana!

Moshe: I don’t remember anymore, and not because of the MJ. The story began as something completely different and had lots of transformations. The original idea was something vague about the eternally promised Metro in Jerusalem.

What techniques were used? Maya 7, 8 and 8.5 for the modeling and animation. Combustion and After Effects for post production. Word for the script, and Red Alert 2 to stop ourselves from going too fast.

How long did it take? It took a whole school year. It took place while we were involved in another animation project in stop motion, attending school as full time students and working at our student jobs to earn money.

Were there any big challenges? No. It was hard, but we enjoyed the entire process.

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