Strong vibes of excitement have been sensed amongst the female gophers of Aniboom Eyedoll productions, who have not yet recovered from the testosterone sodden performance of Ahmadinejad. Stevie Hole-King is coming to do his thing in an unforgettable guest appearance. The reason for this is, of course, purely incidental. "It came to me during a lecture, they all of a sudden looked like an audience, screaming my name to a wonderful beat, like I'm Bon Jovi when he still had hair on his chest-Hole-King! Hole-King! And from all that emanated a spark of light and within it this song that has poisoned me ever since". Any other person would be considered a lunatic, but Stevie Hole-King, as opposed to the performer of the original song, has never looked healthier. He is currently tweaking his choreography towards his guest appearance on Aniboom Eyedoll. In the meantime, he fondly recalls his past love affairs "In my opinion Britney symbolizes the perfect chaos, I'm actually just doing this for her, listen to the words-as usual, it's all there".

Super Fly may sing to the tune of 'Respect' but off-stage he doesn't really give any respect to the singers who accompany him in the performance. The idyll presented between the eccentric and fun-loving bug and his backup singers, was shattered to pieces when one of the backup singers anonymously filed a sexual harassment complaint. The bite marks seen on one of the backup singers did not leave much room for doubt. "We're living under a regime of fear, that's why we even had to file the complaint anonymously", one of them quoted, off the record. The Insect who used to be a pimp in Chicago, claims he's being discriminated against based on his racial background. "Nobody likes singing insects, and don't say it's not like that, do you really think a handsome fellow like myself needs to harass women in order to get sex? Come on, what’s up with the world today? You gots to make up better excuses if you want to disqualify a fly guy" .
It seems the era of nerds with fake Myspace profiles is over. The true face of the competition revealed itself. Many contestants claim their lives have been threatened and were given 'offers' they can't refuse-to quit singing. Investigations by Eyedoll Security led to one source, Frank Maria Ballone, a contestant who apparently decided to separate the fish from the tadpoles. Ballone's peers said that his reputation precedes him. "Frank may have done some time but since he started singing he sees the light and goes to his priest for spiritual counseling twice a day, what's the deal, can't a man change, even if he is a fish?" In order to discredit the alleged threats Mr. Ballone agreed to conduct an exclusive interview, soon to be published.

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