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animator Valdis Baskirovs Interview with Animator Valdis Baskirovs,
Creator of "Inner Scribe"

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We love the creativity of "Inner Scribe". This journey through a series of thought transformations is fun and thoughtful with lots of attention to detail. Even the ending credits have something special.

When did you first become interested in doing animation?
Two years ago.

What do you like about animation?
The feeling of another artificial reality, the knocking-down of reality.

How did you get started? What kind of training do you have?
Since nowadays there are lots of easy to use animation software programs, I started experimenting with them. I have not studied animation formally.

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What techniques were used to make "Inner Scribe"?
Hand-drawn computer processed animation

Who/What are your influences?
Nature, living creatures, television.

How long did it take?
About a month.

Were there any big challenges?
No. What inspired your story?
Scientific TV programs about nature, etc., M.C.Esher.

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