James Lee Aniboom Success Story

animator James Lee and Hania From Freelancer to William Morris Talent Agency Client

Interview with James Lee
Aniboom Eyedoll Winner
Creator of "PopStar"

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Together with collaborator Hania, he created winning Aniboom Eyedoll contest entry “ Popstar” about the rise and fall of a teen singer. Through an Aniboom arrangement, the Australian met with and was quickly signed by major Hollywood talent agency William Morris.

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The Lee's took a loose approach to the concept, creating a music video in Flash that presented the rise and fall of your typical teen singer, in "Popstar". It was a hit, receiving an overwhelming number of hits, making it the clear winner.

As Grand Prize winners, aniBoom paid for them to fly to Los Angeles, California and arranged for them to meet with major talent agency representatives.

So how'd it go?

Well, our first few days were filled with checking out the sights and sounds of LA, Disneyland and Hollywood. Gotham was the first agency we met with. We were really impressed by their dynamic team, and Peter was a great guy to talk to. They had a lot of contacts high up in the TV animation world too.
Jason Dravis was the second agent we met with, and he also had a lot of experience in the animation/ film sector. The third and fourth agencies we met with were Endeavour and William Morris. The types of people they work with every day is pretty mind-blowing; high profile celebrities and musicians etc.

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After we decided to go with Gotham, he put us in touch with their contacts at Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and Disney Channel. Cartoon Network loved the work we do, and we showed them an unreleased film of ours, which he took right away and showed his colleagues. It's a great feeling to know that our work's at least gained some interest in a studio that produces some pretty amazing content.

Checking out the three studios gave us some pretty valuable insight on the widely different content that each network is looking for. We'll be presenting some series concepts to all three studios in the near future, and we hope that we can land a deal and sell an idea.

And the latest...

Things are going great! Hania and I got married in September! :D At the moment we have a lot of work coming at us, more work than we need actually and it's great to be in a position where we can choose.

We haven't been in dialogue with Gotham for a few months now. Last time we spoke we were talking to Gregg Goldin from Cartoon Network. We had some interest but not enough for things to move forward very quickly. We decided to take some time away to hone our skills a little better in some areas, and to get our series Tarboy up and rolling.

The first film has been doing the festival circuit quite well. We've played at Siggraph LA, Siggraph Asia this Friday, and the Future Film Festival in Italy next year plus numerous others. We won 4 awards at the Queensland New Film Makers Awards earlier this year, including Best Overall Film, Best Animation and Most Original Script. We're currently working on the sequel which will help to establish it as a series. We've kept all of the work pretty close to our chest so far, while we develop a strategy for its release online. We figure once its out we'll be in a much stronger position for pitching series to networks, as we'll have a track record on the internet.

We're also currently completing a much smaller project (about 70 seconds long) that'll be a music video in the same way as Popstar.

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