John Griffith Marvel Finalist

Welcome to Day 2 of our spotlight of Marvel Finalists! We'll jump right in with animator John Griffith, whose Motion Comic The Stronger was selected as one of our Top Five by Marvel!

Where are you from and where do you work (city, studio, or home studio)?

I currently work and live in Los Angeles, California. I work for 20th Century Fox and I serve as Director of the CineDev department (Cinematic Development or Previz).

When did you first become interested in Motion Comics?

Actually when I came across this contest, I realized that the process for Visualization I use would be perfect for this new medium. Well it's how I see it anyway!

What do you like about Motion Comics?

Actually seeing a comic you love or a particular artist's work come to life is exciting to me. Plus, reading is boring....just kidding!

How did you get started in animation/Motion Comics? Did you have any kind of formal training?

This is actually my first real Motion Comic, but the way I have visualized some sequences for film I would consider motion comics. I am a self taught animator/3D generalist. Been one for ten years. After having worked on Star Wars Episode 3 as a previz artist I got the directing bug, so now I help directors create VFX and action sequences for their films.

What techniques did you like to use in your Motion Comic?

Obviously 3D!

What works of animation, comics, film, or books inspire you and your work?

Iron Giant (anything Brad Bird does), Ed McGuinness (Loved his art before this contest) and the man Ray Harryhausen. He is the master. I wouldn't be doing what I am doing without Jason and the Argonauts!

...and 20th Century Fox films of course!

What is your ultimate dream?

To stay healthy and have a long career telling stories. Whatever the medium, film, comics.

Telling good stories. I love to entertain, especially kids.

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