Jossie Malis Winner 2006

2006 Aniboom Awards Grand Prize Winner
"Experimental" Category
"Bendito Machine"

A bit about Jossie
I was born in Peru, my mother is Peruvian and my father is Chilean. In the mid 80's we moved to Chile with my parents and brother, so in the end, I have spent almost half of my life between Peru and Chile. I’m from the Peruvian Chilensis flora. Since I was a kid I have always been involved in drawing. Then, when I was 4 I discovered animated films and everything changed in my head.

Why animation?
The possibility of giving life to inanimate objects, puppets or drawings in many different ways while simultaneously telling something interesting. I studied advertising and graphic arts as well as took some courses in filmmaking. Finally, I received a degree in stop motion in Barcelona, where I live at the moment. I think I have been working in animation for the last 15 years.

Who do you look up to artistically?
I’m torn between the work of several animators, but some of my favorites are Svankmajer, Miyazaki, Dan Hertzfeldt, Bruce Bickford, Run Wrake, PES, Hoogerbrugge, Phil Mulloy and the list goes on an on….There are a lot of people doing really fantastic things everywhere.The shadow puppets theater and films of Michel Ocelot or Lotte Reiniger are particularly important influences for me.

Tell us about the indigenous imagery you used.
I grew up in Peru and the indigenous art was something always present in some way. It’s really amazing the artistic skills of the people in South America from thousands of years ago. I love the sense of scale in everything, to feel confronted by something magnificient in size, made by humans or nature. Also, I have an obsession with machines and robots.
What else have you done? Is there any kind of common theme?
I have made some short films and many experiments. I like to tell stories about the cycles of life, transformation, enigma, machines or emptiness, some of my ghosts are always present and very welcome.

What did you do with the $25,000?
The prize was a great help enabling me to update everything, especially hardware. I was working for almost 6 years on the same old laptop before the prize :) Now I'm using a powerful, nice bendito machine. Winning the Awards was a really great moment for me and the distribution for the film was fantastic after that.

So what's new?
I'm working on Bendito Machine 3, expecting to launch in a couple of weeks,(hopefully). I'm also creating an illustration store made for illustrators, kind of a collective store, for independent artists to sell their own work without any intermediaries. Also cloes to completion is a new pilot I've been working on. I'm very happy with the results because it's totally different from what I'd been doing in the last years, it's like a little sweet lysergic candy :)

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