Kenny Frankland Aniboom Success Story

animator Kenny Frankland2007 Aniboom Awards Winner Kenny Frankland
"Music Video" Category
Creator of "Red Ocean"

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What it was like winning the Aniboom Awards?
Fantastic. It was a huge rush and an honor. I was completely knocked for six that I won because there was so much high quality work competing against me and at one point I didn’t seem to be doing well at all.

Did it affect your life in any way?
Like I said above, I’ve developed more of an interest in music video production and hope to end up doing this full time as the creative output I have is very satisfying. It certainly beats animating logos and the installation of a plug socket! I also get a lot of mail from festivals wanting to show the film, and so far "Red Ocean" has been screened at several different festivals all over the world.

The biggest thing though is the amount of mail I get from viewers who tell me how "Red Ocean" inspires them. I’ve had mail off animation students, sound students and the general public. A couple of weeks ago one lad even sent me a rather large poem he had written to the visuals. The fact that my work has inspired these people to do creative things really makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. It’s great. I get at least one email every week.

red ocean cartoon image
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How did you end up using the money you won?
I had big plans of injecting it into a short film but I then hit a major lull in my freelance work and ended up having to pay bills with it! Things have picked up since then though and as soon as I have some free time I’m going to start work on my next personal project.

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