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animators looky, adrien and clemente Interview with
Adrien "CaYuS" TOUPET,
and Clément DELATRE
Creators of "La Main des Maîtres"

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la main des maitres 3D animation The Beginning
As children, the three of us were interested in animation, movie visual effects and most of all, storytelling. When we were at the Georges Méliés school, we decided to work together on our graduation short film: "La Main des Maîtres".

Why They Like Animation
Everything is possible !

Training Background
Three years at the Georges Méliés school in Orly, France. And of course, personal work in drawing, computers, spending time analyzing things in museums, along the streets, around us...

On this short, mostly the "Art Nouveau" style and so on the "Steampunk". With a main artist reference of Alfons Mucha.

Techniques Used for LA MAIN DES MAITRES
2D (pencil & sheets of paper) and 3D animation (Maya... and Houdini for the VFX)

Time Required
One year of production, a few months of pre-production.

It was our graduation short film! And we wanted to make a 2D short film with 3D tools in a year with a three guy team.

la main des maitres 2D animation Inspired By:
Our three brains mixed together.

Motivation to Enter the Awards
The pleasure of sharing our work with the community. We primarily made the short film for the public!

Participating Was:
Great ;)

What It's Like to Win:
Like "Merry Christmas !". Thank you AniBoom !

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