Luis Guilherme Campos Winner 2007

animator Luis Guilherme LUIS CAMPOS
2007 Aniboom Awards Winner

"Unpolished" Category
Flash 2D animation
Name of movie: "Waiting for Death"
Hometown: Brazil

View Luis' Portfolio!
View Luis' Portfolio
Any new developments in your career?

Well, after a very busy year directing and producing animation for advertising, I finally finished the first personal project I've done in a long, long time. It´s a music video for a brazilian rock band called Cascadura. I finally felt again what it was like to have control over the entire creative process, from the script to the concepts and animation. You can watch the end result here on Aniboom!

Besides that, I´m entering a new life stage. I´m moving to Canada in September. I´m really focusing on the creation and development of content and sharpening my animation skills. It will be a time of study and hard work, that´s for sure!

What it was like winning the Aniboom Awards?

At first I was very surprised. Then I couldn´t believe it! Then I pinched myself and accepted that it wasn´t a dream. Then I just sat down and looked blankly at the wall. Wow. Someone really liked my animation. I took it as a sign.

Did it affect your life in any way?

Watch Waiting for Death animation now!
Watch "Waiting for Death"
Sure! It got me back on track! I was long lost to the advertising world, living a daily routine of commissioned animation. I mean, that isn´t bad at all, but it doesn´t compare to the thrill of creating your own projects. Developing and being in total control of every aspect of it. I think this is the ultimate goal for most of the animation authors throughout the world. And that´s what this prize reminded me. It reminded me that I could have a good time working on personal projects in my spare time (and even full-time) and that´s what got me into animation. That´s the reason why I chose this career.

How did you end up using the money you won?

Part of it is safe and ready to re-invest in some of my new projects. The other part (a very small part) was used party and indulge in excess on food and drink. Ok, I´ve said it.

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