Eminent advertising and research firm Saatchi and Saatchi, a division of the prestigious Publicis global marketing firm, offered praise for Aniboom’s bottom-up talent promotion model, and its ability to bring major opportunities to members of its online animation community.

Saatchi and Saatchi on Aniboom Fox competition

With decades of experience, Saatchi and Saatchi has managed multi-million dollar international campaigns for companies like General Mills, Lexus, JC Penney, and Wendy’s.

In a recent interview with Shoot Online,Tom Eslinger, Saatchi’s worldwide creative director of interactive, described Aniboom as an emerging tool for his finding new artistic talent, and gives Aniboom animators exposure to the lucrative world of media and advertising.

An excerpt of the article discusses the growing reliance on Aniboom by the advertising industry:

"We've been trolling worthwhile video sites for a couple of years but it's worth saying that our embracing of online has grown this year,”

Tom Eslinger, [Saatchi's worldwide creative director of interactive] said that Saatchi has sought out relevant social networking places and quality video sites--including, for example, the Aniboom site for animation--to tap into work and directors for Showcase consideration. "We still go through production companies and other conventional channels but the online component is also proving of value," related Eslinger. "Online channels are becoming sort of art house cinemas, and we think that as our New Directors Showcase YouTube channel develops, it will represent a significant arthouse for work and talent."

Aniboom continues its mission of bringing together fresh artistic voices with members of the professional animation community, including advertisers, web producers, and filmmakers. We’re proud to be a resource for both independent animators and professionals alike.

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