The suspicious MySpace contestant will have to be satisfied with a guest appearance and will not compete.

After growing suspicions that he was backed by corporate funding, the contestant with the most invested performance was disqualified from competing and will have to settle for a quasi glorious guest appearance. "I'm usually against competitions, all I wanted to do was surpass Lily Allen in how many MySpace friends I could have, and maybe even sign a record deal on the way". After the scandal was exposed, Aniboom producers decided to disqualify him from the competition and instead just allow him a guest performance. An inside production source said: "We'll see what's going to happen with his guest appearance, maximum we'll let him run the Eyedoll myspace page or something like that. This is no place for corporations and lipsyncing puppets, here at Eyedoll it's about real talent".

We had a hell of a snowy and stormy night in the big city and aside from the usual cops and the homeless bottle collectors (who are, by the way, doing us a HUGE favor), nobody was walking the streets. Man B., an Aniboom judge, unwisely assumed that on such a night nobody would notice him scrambling into a sleazy strip club to warm himself up, especially downtown. Eyewitnesses say that Man B. entered, wearing a matching fur hat and coat, into the club where apparently people were expecting him. He was immediately taken to a private room in which, supposedly, three exotic flamingo dancers were waiting. After three hours Man B. emerged from the room, this time without his coat, and with quick sideway glances, escaped from the scene. "The stingy jerk wouldn't leave us a tip…then we found out he used fake bills…and after all those pickles…" reported Claire St. Clair, one of the Flamingo dancers. Man B. of course denies all allegations and claims to have been at home, drinking hot chocolate and watching his soaps. His comment: " Strippers? Me? Come on, go find more interesting stuff to write about". And that's exactly what we're going to do, Thanks for the tip, Man B.
The winner of Aniboom Eyedoll 2002 excitedly recalls his glory days

Guess who our reporter met wandering around the backstage of Aniboom Eyedoll? The rat! The Aniboom Eyedoll 2002 winner hopped by to visit the crew, and eat some cheese with the gang. "I retired from show biz" he says "Now I'm living off disability welfare, ever since that blasted mousetrap incident on the set…" The song 'Stoned Again', which was sung for the first time ever by the Rat in 2002, is still a huge hit today, and the Rat enthusiastically reminisces: "I thought I heard someone in this competition sing my song, but….yes…(takes a long puff from his rolled cigarette) Afghani ganja…excellent stuff…yes…what were we talking about….?

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