N. Babies and Zookeeper Animations on Mobile!

notebook babies cartoon image The instructional animation series"Notebook Babies" and the funny Three-Toes series are now available for download from Europes largest cell-phone operators, Wap Portal-02.


Not only is the Notebook Babies animated series educational, but it's also fun to watch. Created by Anthony J. Dusko for his Fifth Grade class, each short cartoon illustrates some lesson he wants to get across. Topics include learning to say "excuse me" after burping and how to take care of a pet. In a fun cartoon drawing style, Anthony does the voices together with his brother.

You can visit his website for more information: www.notebookbabies.com
Check out his Boomzone
Watch Notebook Babies

three toes cartoon image THREE-TOES: A Cartoon About Sloths

Creator Eric Alesczyk graduated from Rowan University in 2008 with a specialization in Graphic Design and a Minor in Art History. Now among other things he creates Flash animation cartoons about sloths for the web.

His blog has lots of great sketches! Check it out
Go to Eric's Boomzone
Watch the Three-Toes Series

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