Pryce Duncalf Marvel Finalist

The Marvel Finalists are here!   And this week, we're sitting down with each and every one of them and chattin' about comics, Motion Comics, and animation!

Where are you from and where do you work (city, studio, or home studio)?

Originally from a small town called Kettering in the Midlands, I spent 4 years as a freelance animation designer in London where I worked for various television channels, companies and networks. I moved to Australia less than a year ago and I currently live in Mission Beach Australia where I work remotely for clients I established whilst living in Sydney.

When did you first become interested in Motion Comics?

I first became interested in Motion Comics when I came across this contest.  I now think they are an absolutely brilliant idea.

What do you like about Motion Comics?

I like Motion Comics because they are about as true to the original stories as you can possibly get.  A lot of the Hollywood flicks nowadays are slightly missing the point and re-writing the already brilliant stories.

How did you get started in Animation/Motion Comics?  Did you have any kind of formal training?

This comic is the first I have ever animated and is pretty much what got me into Motion Comics, and to be honest, I am becoming a little obsessed by it.  I have a degree in Moving Image Design but most of my technical knowledge is from tutorials in software and tips and techniques I have picked up over the years.

What techniques did you like to use in your Motion Comic?

I quite like to add extra depth and dimension to the animations using a bit of 3D.  I try to keep it subtle so not to stray away from the original artwork.  I also am quite enjoying working on lipsync.  It is something I am only recently learning and I think it adds a massive amount to the animation.

What works of animation, comics, film, or books inspire you and your work?

I have always loved comics since a young age.  I was heavily into dark horse, 2000AD and of course, Marvel.  My favorite characters being Venom and Carnage from the Spider-Mancomics.  I find a lot of experimental short music video and animation massively inspiring such as the work of Chris Cunningham and Michel Gondry, and the list of films I find inspiring are endless but to narrow it down a few examples include Fight Club, Requiem for a Dream, Pan's Labyrinth, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (the new one).

What is your ultimate dream? To live in the mountains being as self sufficient as possible and working on Animations and Comics of my own.

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